Longstreets at Clive

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From “Richard Newton Longstreet”

Newton Longstreet was born August 26, 1877 in …Minnesota.  In 1900 he came to Alberta where he worked for Mr. David Foren in the Urquhart district (now Chigwell).  His parents and sisters decided to come to Alberta to join him in 1901…. He took out a homestead in S.W.36-20-25 W4th in 1901 and proved it up in 1905.  He also purchased C.P.R. land S.W. 31-40-24 W4. The farmers in this district decided when the C.P.R. extended a line from their main Calgary and Edmonton branch that a townsite should be formed.  They set up a five-man committee who were B.F. Allison, H.J. Northcott, George Reynolds, D.V. Pringle and N.W. Meadows to look into the matter.  The farmers provided teams of horses and some gave cash donations to help get the townsite started.  The land was donated by four farmers: Mrs. Phillipa Grose, N.V. Joslin, J.N. Longstreet and R.N. Longstreet.

Later the townsite committee members changed to include N.W. Meadows, William Morton, J.T. Reynolds, J.N. Longstreet, A.D. Johnstone and R.N. Longstreet.  In the fall of 1910 the first train stopped at Clive which was formerly known as Valley City.  It was necessary to change names because the C.P. R. already had a siding somewhere else in Canada named Valley City.  Clive was chosen from a list of names submitted by the C.P.R.

In 1914, Julia Mae Walters of Bloomfield Ontario travelled west to visit her sister Edna (later Mrs. Wilmer Grose) who was working in Calgary.  Julia also came to Clive to visit her cousin Mrs. Will Allison. During her stay the Allisons planned a fishing trip to Chain Lakes and just happened to invite a friend of theirs, Newton Longstreet along.  Newton and Julia were married on October 21, 1915.  They had three children: Walter, Norma and Gertrude.

Newton was appointed to the office of Justice of the Peace in 1922, a position he held until his death.

From Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club 1974

Longstreet JP

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