Fairview (Stone) Cemetery

In Alix, Alberta on October 23, 2017 at 8:18 PM

From “Fallen Leaves – At Rest in Fairview (Stone) Cemetery – by Alice Nielsen

Many of our pioneers have been laid to rest in the Fairview Cemetery in the Stone District.  It is better known locally as the “Stone Cemetery”, although at the beginning it was known as the Coalbank graveyard.  That was before the cemetery was officially registered at Edmonton.

Charles E. Stone had donated the land, and the citizens of the surrounding countryside met March 12th, 1904 in the Hopedale School, near the present hamlet of Haynes, to organize a committee to lay out the graveyard.  They elected A.L. Thomas as Chairman, and Charles E. Stone as Secretary-Treasurer, of the committee.  J.B. Cundiff, J.A. Carter, S. Cundiff and Orlando Carter are other names appearing in the Minutes of this meeting….

Anyone paying $2.00 was to be entitled to a lot…. A row of lots on the east side was to be left for paupers.

In the records of early burials in that cemetery the former residences of the deceased person are given as “Bullocksville” or “Fountain Town”.  Bullocksville was a Post Office and store, which gave its name to the surrounding district…. Fountain Town, or Fountainstown, was the Post Office and store in the home of Jim and Hester Rice, four miles south of Haynes….

From Gleanings after Pioneers and Progress. Alix –  Clive Historical Club, 1981

A record of some of those buried there appears in this article in Gleanings and there is a copy in the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum.


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