1. F. Pears Family 2. C.H. Cole Family

In Alix, Alberta on October 16, 2017 at 12:36 PM

From “The Fred Pears Family – as Told by Bernard Pears”

Fred Pears came from England in 1903 with his wife and young son Fred Jr.  He settled on a homestead in Saskatchewan near the town of Grayson.  While farming there, there two more children were born, Olive and Bernard. In 1909 they moved to Edmonton where they lived for a short time, and where their youngest child, Millicent, was born in 1910.

The family then moved on to Alix in 1911, and while there they lived in four separate houses.  Their father worked on the railroad on the section gang for a time and also in the signal box.  He also tried his hand at clerking in Panrucker’s Store.

In the fall of 1918 the family went on to Red Deer for two years, then on to Victoria.

from Gleanings after Pioneers and Progress,  Alix Clive Historical Club 1981


From “C.H. Cole and Family – by Henry M. Cole”

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Cole moved to Alix in the spring of 1928.  They took up residence on the Hickling Ranch on the north shore of Haunted Lakes.  At that time their family numbered three, Henry, Ida and Patricia.  Another son, Wesley, was born in 1932.  A house was built in town in 1934 at which time C.H. Cole bought a truck and did general hauling.  All of the children attended school in Alix.

Henry started work in the creamery in 1938 staying on at Alix after the family moved to Edmonton in 1939.

from Gleanings after Pioneers and Progress,  Alix Clive Historical Club 1981




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