St. Peter’s Bashaw, Lamerton Parish

In Alix, Alberta on August 29, 2017 at 9:42 PM

St. Peter’s Bashaw

In 1960, the Lamerton Parish of the Anglican Church celebrated its 50th anniversary and published Parish Paths, with W.R. Newsom Editor and Publisher.  Most of the writing was done by Mrs. Beatrice Parlby.

Excerpt from “St. Peter’s Bashaw” in Parish Paths.

The first mention of Bashaw in Oswin Creighton’s letters is dated September 23, 1912. “On Sunday I drove on after service at Mirror fourteen miles to Bashaw….”  The second reference, December 2, 1912 gives a picture of winter service in those earlier days.

“On Saturday I drove from Alix to Bashaw.  It turned very cold with a bitter wind … and I was nearly frozen when I arrived.  Sunday was just as cold.  The hall where we had morning service was simply freezing…. Even so there was a congregation of nearly twenty….”

…(August 8, 1913) Oswin Creighton describes the first plans for building a church at Bashaw.  “I found at Bashaw that we have now over five hundred dollars in the bank, the sum we had decided we must have before starting to build.. So we had a little meeting and decided to build a church costing eight hundred dollars.

“October 21, 1913.  On Saturday Bishop Pinkham arrived…. Next morning an early Confirmation and at eleven o’clock, Matins, Dedication and Confirmation.  The Bishop was delighted with the church.  There was a large congregation; the service was altogether beautiful….

Oswin Creighton had already decided to return home to England by the end of 1914…. Immediately after his arrival in England he volunteered  as Chaplain and received his appointment early in November. On April 9. 1918 in France, during an enemy attack… [a] shell bust killing him instantly….


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