Do you remember 1952?

In Alix, Alberta on August 22, 2017 at 9:40 PM

“High School Curling League” from The Inkspot, Feb. 1, 1952

The Alix High School Curling Club held its first meeting on Jan. 4th.  Officers are as follows: May Jennings, Pres., Beverley McColl, Sec., and Joyce Whitfield, Treas.  Due to the small number of rinks entered this year, we decided to curl on Sunday afternoons only.  Seven rinks were originally formed but some members dropped out, leaving only five rinks.  The Senior Curling Club has given us a student’s rate of $2.50 for each student.

The rinks are:

  1. May Jennings Hugh Thorp          3. Mary-Jean Buchanan     4. Phyllis Warren

Elaine Primus                 John Warren             Keith McColl                         Lloyd Hansen

Billy Hansen                   Norman Deen           Gerald Parlby                        Ken Toepher

Ken McColl                     Gloria Howitt            Donald Crawford                 Beverley McColl


Sub: Allan Pasutto


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