Stampede at Content

In Alix, Alberta on July 21, 2017 at 6:37 AM

In the summer, the big social event of the community was the celebration or stampede at Content from the 1st to 4th of July inclusive.  This was when there was still a ferry where Content Bridge is.  There was a small town there which later moved to Delburne with the coming of the railway.  However, then, people came from miles around and camped out on the flat above the ferry near the town for the four days of stampede.  They had a midway, too.  Also, a dance floor was laid with a tent top or covering.  John Bonham was an old time fiddle player.  His sister payed the banjo, her daughter played the Spanish guitar.  Others who were musical also played for the dancing too, which went on in afternoon and most of the night.  I am told it was here that my parents first met, as my mother played organ or piano, also autoharp.

  • “Bonham Family Corrections – by Hazel Bonham) Wold”From Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress, Alix – Clive Historical Club, 1981.

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