Lamerton Parish Parish Paths

In Alix, Alberta on July 5, 2017 at 8:36 PM

In 1960, the Lamerton Parish of the Anglican Church celebrated its 50th anniversary and published Parish Paths, with W.R. Newsom Editor and Publisher.  Most of the writing was done by Mrs. Beatrice Parlby.

Excerpt from “St. Monica’s Mirror” in Parish Paths.

St. Monica’s, the oldest of the three churches by at least 15 years….

…in 1894 at the vestry meeting at Westhead’s… plans went ahead rapidly.  By November 8th Rev. H. Goodman and Charles Westhead , having been elected to choose a site, decided on the S.E. quarter of Section 28, Tp. 40, R22, W4th within a mile of the shores of Buffalo Lake…. For the rest of the fall and early winter church services were held at the home of… Alice and Alfred Inskip….

Nothing was done during the winter, but early in the spring of 1895 the work began in earnest.  Men rode from miles around, taking their lunches with them, so they might spend the whole day at the building.  More than a dozen lent a hand….

During early April, a succession of “bees” was held.  Volunteers cut more logs, others squared them at the church site and raised them into place.  A diary entry for the 25th of April states that “Taylor, Parlby. Hawkins, Cook Ness and Gadsby drove to Lacombe for lumber.”

[On] June 29th the opening was held with Canon Cooper and Rev. H. Goodman officiating…. The body of the church was made from hewn logs, the roof was shingled, quite exceptional at that time as many of the homesteaders shacks were roofed with sod.  Nails, shingles, windows and other materials had to be hauled by team and wagon from Lacombe, a journey of 34 miles each way on prairie trails.  The creeks swollen by the spring thaw had to be crossed over pole bridges or often forded….

On May 16, 1897 two years after the building, the little church was consecrated by Bishop Pinkham… and became St. Monica’s Anglican of the Mission of Lamerton, for the towns of Mirror, Bashaw and Alix did not yet exist.




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