from “Ole J. Sorum” by Hilmer & Nellie Sorum

In Alix, Alberta on July 2, 2017 at 3:15 PM

From “Ole J. Sorum” by Hilmer and Nellie Sorum

Ole J. Sorum was born in Nordreland, Norway, on May 3, 1841.  He emigrated to America in 1853.  As they came by sail, they were seven weeks on the ocean because of stormy weather.  He first settled in Iowa.

He married Isabella Maria Housen, also born in Norway.  She came to America when she was 16 years old.  They moved to North Dakota with their family in 1879 travelling by covered wagon….

In 1902, Ole and his sons John and Martin came to Lacombe and from here they located homesteads.  They went back to Minnesota for a year; then in 1903 they came back to homestead N.W. ¼ of 21-39-21 in the east Ripley District…Their home was a stopping place…. Mr. Sorum died in 1920 … and Mrs. Sorum died in 1923….

Their first child was John Martin, born in 1868, in Iowa.   He married Annie Johnson and they had two daughters….  John came to Canada in 1903 and took out a homestead.  Then in 1903 they came by train to Lacombe….

Their first daughter was Pearl and she attended Ripley School until the South Buffalo Lake School was built.  She married Alvin Thompson.  He operated a hardware store in Alix for a few years.  She also gave music lessons….

Orvilla was the second daughter of John and Annie, born in 1900, she came with her parents and attended South Buffalo Lake School.  She married Albert (Bump) Ray….

Martin O. Sorum… was born born on February 28, 1872…. On December 13, 1895, he married Annie Halvorson.  When his father and brother came to Lacombe, he also picked out a homestead…. He went back to Thief River Falls for 2 years.

In July 1904, they left for Canada.  They had to cross a lake, so they loaded all their belongings on a barge.  This was pulled by a boat for several miles to reach the railway.  A storm came up and the waves splashed over the barge, so they had to pull in behind an island for protection until the storm died down.  They drove nine head of cattle around the lake with a horse.  Everything, belongings, implements and cattle were then loaded onto a box car and freighted to Lacombe. Mr. and Mrs. Sorum moved to Edmonton in 1936….

From Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.

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