Alberta Golden Jubilee 1955 Celebration Plans

In Alix, Alberta on May 23, 2017 at 7:10 AM

From The Inkspot June 6, 1955, in the Alix Wagon Wheel Museum’s Collection


A public meeting was held at the Town Hall on Monday May 30 for the purpose of organizing the various activities of the proposed Golden Jubilee Celebration and community Picnic.  The various organizations of the village and community were well represented.  Date of the celebration will be announced at a later date.

The following committees and convenors were appointed.

  1. Parade Committee: Conveners: Mr. Allyn Mann, Mrs. H. Parlby
  2. Committee in charge of Old Timers Applications and Presentations of Scrolls: Convener: Mr. O. Lundberg
  3. Reception shelter: Convener[s]: Chad Thorp, Ken Drushka
  4. Horse-Shoe Pitching contest: Convener: John Holsworth, The Forester Lodge
  5. Men’s Soft Ball: A.A.A.A. Organization: convener: To Be Appointed
  6. Ladies’ Soft Ball: Lady Foresters: Convener: Mrs. J. Rottenfusser.
  7. Souvenir committee: School Staff: Convener: Mr. N. Hrynyk.
  8. Races, etc.: Oddfellow Lodge, Convenor; Mr[e] Ralph Hornett.
  9. Decoration Committee: F.U.A. Convener: Mr. John Ditto, Canadian Legion Convener: Mr. A. Stewart.
  10. Reception committee: F.W.U.A. Convener: Mrs. R. Purkis, I.O.D.E Convenor: Mrs. E. Holsworth.
  11. Treats Committee: Maccabee Lodge: Convener: Mr. Ray Ramsay.
  12. Advertising: Alix Board of Trade: Conveners to be appointed.
  13. Clean-Up Committees: A.A.A.A. Organization: Convener: To be appointed.
  14. First Aid Committee: Alix Fire Brigade: convener: To be Apptd.

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