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Beatrice Parlby

In Alix, Alberta on April 26, 2017 at 7:56 AM

This comes from the website in the “Women of Aspenland” section which has information on many women who contributed to their communities.

In 1974, Bea Parlby published Pioneers and Progress, bringing together 40 years of research on the experience of the early settlers in Alix and district.

The daughter-in-law of Irene Parlby, Bea graduated from the University of Alberta, majoring in Agriculture and in the following year obtained her teacher’s certificate. She continued the family’s concern for farm and rural life as president of the Alix local of the United Farm Women of Alberta (UFWA). She taught school and acted as a Guide leader, maintaining a camp at the Parlby farm for youth groups. Beatrice retired from teaching in 1970.

Bea loved to sing and entertain, she and her husband Humphrey took part in many drama productions. After her husband’s death, she continued to live on the farm and died in 1989, while tending her flowers.

“She loved teaching. She was good at it. Her students were taught to explore, question, acquire knowledge and solve problems… they came to appreciate drama, art and music. We remember the lilt of her Irish laughter and appreciated her comradeship. She cared deeply for her family, her friends and her community, wherever she found them throughout the world. ” – Geoff, Gerry and Susan Parlby

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Butter Flavoured Aluminum and Eager Beaver are just 2 elements of exhibits in the museum.

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Eager Beaver is in the wildlife exhibit.


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The museum Sports Exhibit contains John Holsworth’s curling rocks and his curling sweater.  Lucylle Holsworth, who knitted the sweater, sent a note about the history of the curling club (below).    Further information comes from Pioneers and Progress.

Alix AB 1949-1950

John Holsworth, being a curler, was interested in starting curling in Alix.  Bob Whitfield Sr., Randy McKinnon (Red and White Store) and Smokey Beason (Red and White Store) and John Holsworth got permission from the Dairy Pool to take down an and old building next to the skating rink.  They saved all the old lumber and nails and with work bees of the community built a three-sided building using the south wall of the skating rink as the main wall.  This completed the rink.  Many persons in town were interested in curling or learning.  Everyone bought their own rocks and even took them along when curling in the bonspiels. John took his own rocks when curling in Edmonton.

Bonspiels were up to 60 rinks with four sheets on the skating rink and tow sheets of curling ice.  John Holsworth was draw master.

The bonspiel was in February and there were lots of headaches with the warm weather during the day, so many times all night curling took place.

We worked with the rink committee and lunch counter.  Seven groups of ladies ran the lunch counter.  All funds went into one account and we were the AAA Association.  Many good times and friendships were developed.

Lucylle Holsworth

From “The Alix Curling Club – By Edith Holsworth”

From Pioneers and Progress Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

The first Alix Curling Club was built in 1928…. The names that come to mind in getting the club started are: Alex Bissett, Felix Straub, Robert Whitfield Sr., Tom Wilton, Art Foster, Clarence Johnson, Chris Sorenson, Chris Topenberg, Bill Patrick, Harold Edgar, Jack Brethour, Bill Foster, Bud Todd, Wally Peacock, Terry and Eric Jamieson, Humphrey Parlby, Fred Crowe, Mayor Jack Mackie, along with Tom Cunningham, Bill Bright and Mr. Van Meer from Tees. The ‘kid’ rink was made up of Harold Patrick, Jack Collins, Bob Straub, and Jack Walper….

[I]n the fall of 1962, the new curling rink was built….


Summer Employees Wanted

In Alix, Alberta on April 19, 2017 at 10:01 AM

2017 Alix Wagon Wheel Museum Summer Student Job Opportunity

Alix Wagon Wheel Museum is seeking summer employees for full time work 35 hours per week from May 1 to August 27, 5 days per week, including some weekends. The wage is $12.20 per hour.

Job Description; In cooperation with the volunteering Board Members, assist in museum operations and activities including visitor assistance with museum tours and research, program and display creation, program delivery, record keeping, promotion, and provision of provided tourist information. Paid orientation is included. The employee should be computer literate and work well with others.

Candidates must be returning students and meet eligibility requirements of Canada Summer Jobs/STEP.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to or by Canada Post to Box 245, Alix AB, T0C 0B0. If further information is needed, please call 403-747-2584.

Irene Parlby

In Alix, Alberta on April 12, 2017 at 3:14 PM
Dr. Irene Parlby

Dr. Irene Parlby

Irene Parlby was a pioneer at Alix.  She is one of the “Famous Five” Women involved in the Persons Case and was Canada’s delegate to the League of Nations.

We have many documents and artifacts about her life and copies of her biography, Perennials and Politicsby Barbara Villy Cormack.


Canadian Order of Foresters

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Hopedale District

In Alix, Alberta on April 5, 2017 at 9:30 AM

From “Early History”

Hopedale District lies mostly within Township 39, and partly in Township 38, Range 24, West of the 4th Meridian, originally containing 53 quarters of land…. Wild fruit was to be had for the picking….One lady recalls that a fire once got out of control and burned off most of a quarter section.  In the following years wild raspberries sprang up, and families for miles around came to pick.  Raspberries were taken out by the washtub full.

First to settle in the community was the Isaac Haynes family…. Since water was a concern, they established their home on the creek, which was later officially named Haynes Creek.  Their homestead patent was filed in 1894…. In 1899 Stephen Nichols filed for his homestead…. Nineteen hundred brought the greatest influx of settlers, most of them hailing from the U.S.A.  These families included Cundiffs, Thomas”[sic], Bronsons, Bucknells, Philips and Hoppus’.[sic]

The Buffalo Lake Trail ran across the district, south of Haynes Creek…. and travellers could ford the creek to the north and go to Stettler, or turn south-west to Red Deer…. Gradually, the trails were replaced by roads, and horses by automobiles, although not without incident.  The story is told of the time when Milo Baker bought his first car, and took Sam and Ethel Hornseth for a drive.  As they roured along, they overtook a horse and rider.  The road, of course, was of the dirt variety, and it had rained earlier that same day.  The rider put his horse to the gallop, trying to outrun the car, with the result that the mud from the horse’s hooves flew back, plastering the open car and its [sic] occupants.  What with Mrs. Baker pounding Milo on the back and yelling at him to slow down, and Milo driving for dear life and yelling that no *%!’& of a horse was going to outrun him, and everyone else collapsed with laughter and dodging mudballs, we never did find out who won the race!

In 1910 and 1911, the railroad cut its way through the district…. The hamlet of Haynes came into being with the coming of the railroad.

Excerpted from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.