North Alix District: A. & A.Key ; Ross Families

In Alix, Alberta on March 23, 2017 at 8:21 AM

From “James Alexander Ross”

…Mr. and Mrs. James Ross and family… came to the North Alix District from Manor, Saskatchewan, after having stayed for a short time in Bashaw.  They lived on …S.E.1/4 of 21 then on N.E. 23, in a house built by W.  McLaren, and later they lived just west of Mirror…. After the family had grown up [they] lived in the village of Mirror.

The Ross family included Charlotte (Lottie, who married Wm. Breum of Bashaw); Roy, who married Cora Ellertson of Sedalia; Bert, who married Aurora Emmanuel of Mirror; Mildred, who married Harold Hansen; Elsie, who married N.E. Barritt; Claire, who married Alma Tariss; Jean, who married Tom Wolferstan; and the youngest boy, Harold, who married Alice Norris from Chigwell.


From “Roy and Cora Ross – by B. Parlby”

Roy and Cora Ross lived in the North Alix and Hickling Districts for a considerable time, where they were both very much valued assistants to their farmer neighbours.  About 1935, just after their marriage, they lived at the Edward Parlby place, Long Valley Ranch.  Some little time after that they lived at the Walter Parlby’s, Manadon Farm.  In 1943 they bought their own far on the North Half of S.E. ¼ of 22, built a house, and were there twelve years.  About this time their place became home to a long succession of teachers of the Hickling School, where their son, Allan, commenced his education.

After selling out to Alfred Peterson, Roy and Cora Ross lived at Cereal, Turner Valley, and Stettler.


From “Key, Alice and Agnes”

Alice and Agnes (Babe) Key first came to the district in 1939 with the Stinsons with whom they lived and worked for many years.  After Mr. Stinson died, they “Key Girls” as they were called bought W. McLaren’s place, the N1/2 of the N.E. ¼ of 22-40-23.  Here they lived for almost twenty years. Their chief farming interests were a small herd of cows and a large flock of White Leghorn chickens.

In 1973, they sold out to Art Raybould and moved to Lacombe.

These 3 selections are excerpted from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.

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