Samuel Johnson

In Alix, Alberta on March 8, 2017 at 10:44 AM

From “Samuel Johnson”

The parents and grandparents of Samuel Johnson were United Empire Loyalists, coming by boat from the state of New York near Niagara, leaving their homes and belongings behind….  Samuel, one of a large family, was born at Forestville., Ontario July 4, 1843.

Cordelia Myers was born at Port Rowan, Ontario, April 8, 1854.  Samuel and Cordelia were married March 4, 1874…. The spring of 1900…[they] visited Alberta for a summer and fall where they found that Mrs. Johnson was free of her hay fever and asthma which had severely bothered her for a number of years.  They remained in Alberta.

[Their daughters] Sarah, a professional dressmaker and Augusta, a school teacher…. arriv[ed] in Alberta in the fall.

[Their son} Will packed the family furniture, household necessities, four horses along with harness; farm machinery; Tom, a setter dog and numerous other belongings into a freight car and started for Lacombe. The train travelled slowly enough that in places Will could walk beside the car for exercise.  The animals remained in the car where they were fed and watered.  There seemed to be no manger for one horse so a living room chair served the purpose.  Will saw his first R.C.M.P. officer when he reached the Canadian border.  The Mountie was about to enter the car to inspect the horses when Tom uttered his warning growl, which brought the Mountie to a halt, followed by, “They’re all right, aren’t they?”  Receiving an affirmative answer, he retreated, and the journey continued until arriving in Lacombe about one week after departure from the old home.  The train was met by Mr. Dave Foren, attired in a very impressive spotted cowhide coat….

The journey along the trail leading east began, but poor travelling conditions caused the horses to tire.  The articles making up the load were safely left beside a beaver dam and the post office of Urquhart was soon reached.

Excerpted from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974

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