William and Florence (Walters) Allison

In Alix, Alberta on February 27, 2017 at 6:04 PM

William and Florence (Walters) Allison from “The Three Allison Sons”

William married Florence Walters of Bloomfield, Ont.  Miss Walters came west in 1904 planning to teach school in Wetaskiwin.  She left home with the promise of a school there.  When she arrived in Calgary by train, there was a telegram for her from the Wetaskiwin School board to say that they had hired someone else.  Teachers were in demand everywhere at the time so, with ten dollars to spare she boarded the train north and got off at Lacombe.  She had no sooner gone to her hotel room (having, of course, volunteered the information that she was a teacher) when Mr. George Reynolds and Roy came to see if she would go out with them to teach Sargent School.  She accepted and found herself perched on a seat of a wagon loaded with supplies for the 14-mile trip home.

The Tallman family took her in to “board” when she arrived….

It was at Easter, April 12, 1906, when Florence and Will Allison rode horseback to Tees to be married.  This was the nearest minister.  …The morning Florence was returning, riding horseback, after the wedding to the Sargent School she was waylaid by someone in ambush, beating loudly on a big tin washtub.  It was Mrs. Gschwendtner pounding and laughing and giving her a real welcome and what westerners would call a Chivaree.  After the horse was calmed and the bride also, Mrs. Gschwendtner offered her best wishes, of course.

Excerpted from Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974.

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