Carradale School

In Alix, Alberta on January 4, 2017 at 6:35 PM

carradale-school-district-2Carradale School District from “Open Valley School District no. 1437 – by Myrle Primus”

… so many families were moving down to the mines that a house was moved over from Horseshoe Lake Farm for a school.  Mr. Semple called it Carradale after his home village in Scotland.

The Carradale School District consisted of much of the same area as had Open Valley. Except that …the east half of sections 12,13 and 24, joined Alix Consolidated School District No. 12 about 1915 – 16; all this district’s pupils went to town (Alix) about 1923….

…Mrs. Rogers was the first Carradale teacher.  She had forty-two pupils, bour of them her own children…. [and] started in 1923.  Mr. McGonigle made the teacher’s desk.  It was so large you couldn’t move it out for parties etc.

Then Henrietta Robins taught a year, 1923 – 24….

Then Miss Mary Sanderson taught two and one half years, commencing August 1, 1924, at $900.00 a year….She usually drove from Alix in a buggy…. She quit at Christmas 1926 and was hired for the Alix School.  While she was at Carradale the school division boundaries were being redrawn, and one day two inspectors arrived at once; Mr. <cLean from Red Deer and Mr. Thibodeau of Stettler.  They talked it over on the road and Mr. McLean went in….

Mrs. Craig finished out the term….

Myrle Rouse taught 1927, 28, 29, and 30….Jean Semple taught from 1931 – 33….

Next Miss Mary Rasmussen taught for three years….

Then Molly Rice taught a year.  By that time mining had changed from hand labour to machines, so people were moving out again….

In 1936, the school was closed and moved south of Jongeling’s.

This article is taken from Pioneers and Progress, Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1974.  It is available for sale at Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, Alix Public Library, and Alix Home Hardware.

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