Christmas Concerts

In Alix, Alberta on December 9, 2016 at 9:20 PM

Christmas Concert in a  Country School

From “Hickling School Memories – By B. Parlby”

At Christmas concerts the stage up front was made with planks which rattled when walked upon.  Blankets for draw curtains were hung with heavy safety pins from a strong wire strung from wall to wall.  The light supplied by gasoline lamps with their white mantles often faded out as the gasoline was burned up and the pressure grew low.  Then there would be a rush for the little hand air pump, and someone would work it very hard, pumph, pumph, pumph, until the light shone brightly once more. Every one came; benches as well as desks were full, with fathers standing at the back.

Some preschooler, usually a prospective pupil for next year’s grade I, and gave the welcoming recitation.  I still remember Sid Morris standing very straight in a smart navy sailor suit for his recitation, and a few years later, Gerry Parlby, who was so delighted with the applause of the audience that he beamed at them and began clapping for himself.

Pioneers and Progress, Alix Clive History Club, 1974

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