Sydney and Julia Roberts

In Alix, Alberta on October 28, 2016 at 7:08 AM

From “The Sydney Roberts Family, Written by Raymonde Roberts Archibald” from Pioneers & Progress

Alix Clive Historical Club, 1974, Friesen

Sydney Roberts came to Washington, D.C. from Leeds, England with his father and mother, Edwin and Amelia Roberts, in 1893…..

The grave of Sydney’s mother is in Washington, D.C.  When Edwin remarried … Clarence and Lawrence Stanley were babes in arms….  Edwin married Florence Tathem and returned to Canada in 1904 with Percival, Sydney, Clarence, and Lawrence Stanley.  The family lived in Lacombe for a short while….

The Roberts family took a homestead north of Castor, and it was from here that Percival, Sydney, and Lawrence Stanley enlisted in World War 1 with the Lord Strathcona Horse Regiment.  Sydney spent four years in the trenches of France.  In March of 1918, when the war was almost over, Lawrence Stanley took two horses to water, and a bomb was dropped on him. Sydney found only his belt…. The war held some pleasant moments for Sydney, however, as expressed in this note on a postcard to his brother, Clarence, At Alix “Yes I am going to bring home that French girl….”

Sydney and Julia  Huyben Roberts arrived in Alix…. …:”…Julia, who had grown up in the city of Lille, France, found life very different in the woods of the parkland…. They bought a farm from the Soldier Settlement Board… at the old junction of Highways 12 and 21….

Percival came down from the North where he was supervising…Hudson Bay Co. employees on the Mackenzie River. The River scows were the main mode of transportation and cargo distribution for for furs and supplies.  Percival Roberts was quite a character with his buckskin fringed jacket, army breeches, and moccasins….

Julia’s mother, Mrs. Octavie Vandenbrouche, came to the farm at Alix in 1923.

In Late 1939, Sydney was hospitalized by a wartime catastrophe until his death in 1958…. Grandmother Vandenbrouche was a very strong and guiding influence in the lives of Sydney’s four girls, Raymonde, Gloria, Madeleine, and Rosina, … as she and Julia struggled valiantly …after Sydney and Stanley were taken out of their lives during the relentless call of duty in the form of World War II…. Sydney’s eldest child and only son, Stanley, joined the services in 1939…and returned from Europe with a  lovely English bride….

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