Mansell Smith

In Alix, Alberta on October 21, 2016 at 3:43 PM

“Mansell Smith – from a tape of Mansell Smith’s voice made by B.G.P.”

Dad (Isaac Smith) and I came to Canada in 1910 … sailing from Liverpool.  We came directly to Edmonton….  While in Edmonton, I joined the Boy Scouts Troop there of which the Reverend Oswin Creighton was Scoutmaster at that time…. Mr. Creighton soon moved t Mission of Lamerton of which St. Monica’s was the central point.

My first visit to Alix was in the summer of 1910 when I came down with a scoutmaster…to help with a Boy Scout Camp which Mr. Creighton was directing. I drove him from Alix to St. Monica’s Lamerton, for a service one Sunday and mentioned that I liked the country so much.  He immediately got a job for me with Edward Parlby where I worked for three years.

The First World War was on and my brother, Sid, and I tossed a coin to see who should go overseas and who should stay on the farm.  Sid won the toss, enlisted and was killed at Passchendaele before he was quite nineteen.

H.L. Witherby was overseas so I rented his place and also some land from Henry Leslie Gladstone Worke.  In 1916 Bert came down from Edmonton….

Mother, Mary Hannah Smith nee Mansell, came here to live in 1917 and Dad, after his discharge from the Canadian Army in 1919….

About this time, Mrs. Walter (Irene) Parlby was Provincial president of the U.F.W.A.  and started a Junior U.F.A. both provincially and at Alix.  I became the first president….

About this time my sister, Norah, married William Kent in Alix and at the wedding I was best man and met the bridesmaid, Eleanor Kent. … The following year Eleanor became my wife….

Eleanor and I had three children, Sidney Kent, who was killed while on active duty with the R.C.A.F over England in world War II; Marguerite Eleanor, who is now [1974] Mrs. Norman Haywood and Oswin Creighton, called after the Reverend Oswin Creighton.

This article is taken from published in Pioneers and Progress, Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1974.It is available for sale at Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, Alix Public Library, and Alix Home Hardware.


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