Alix Agricultural Society

In Alix, Alberta on October 7, 2016 at 8:35 AM

Alix Agricultural Society – by Alice Nielsen

On April 11th, 1908, a group of fifty five residents of the Alix area, business men, farmers, ranchers, and clergymen, applied to the Minister of Agriculture of the Province of Alberta for the formation of an Agricultural Society under the Provisions of Agricultural Societies Ordinance, and on June 11th1908 the Ordinance was signed establishing the Alix Agricultural Society.

R.W. Sanderson was the first President, and W. L. (Bill) Petit was the first Secretary-Treasurer.  The first show was in 1909 in a building on Main Street.  A picture of the fair grounds shows a rail fence, and I believe it to be the fence leading to the first bridge over the C.N.R. tracks, near the present coal tipple.(1980s)

However their first big project was to buy fourteen acres of land west of Diamond Lake, known also as Alix Lake, for $564.00.  In 1910 they built a large building, and held the first fair in it that year.  Pictures show the beautiful building and the beautiful displays of vegetables and other exhibits.

The fairs carried on with Mr. Robert Whitfield as Secretary-Treasurer of the Agricultural Society, and year after year the exhibits of livestock, poultry, hogs, cooking, handicrafts, gardening, etc. grew in size and quality…. Another building was later erected on the grounds, and sometimes dances were held in it.

The last big fair was in 1940, when World War II was in progress.  After that, the buildings were closed, and the Central Alberta Dairy Pool creamery in Alix used them for storing crates…. In 1956 they were sold by the Alix Athletic and Agricultural Association, torn down, and the materials used for rebuilding in other locations.

This article is taken from “Alix Agricultural Society”,  published in Gleanings, (the follow-up book to Pioneers and Progress), Alix-Clive Historical Club, 1981. Both books are available for sale at Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, Alix Public Library, and Alix Home Hardware.


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