Stewart Cruikshank – by Marcel DeZutter

In Alix, Alberta on September 30, 2016 at 9:37 AM

Stewart Cruickshank was born at Keene, Ontario….

Around the turn of the century he arrived in Lacombe, Alberta, where he sold real estate and did carpenter work.  While there he married Minnie Schwerdfiger, who came from the Provost country.

When the Canadian Pacific Railroad was built east, the Cruikshanks moved to Alix.  Stewart had a real estate office here…. Stewart also helped build the Red and White Store….

He and Mr. Yarwood bought three quarters of Section 5,Tp. 39, R. 41, and part of Section 8, Tp. 39, R.41 in partnership.  This land lies along Buffalo Lake in the South Buffalo Lake School District.  In 1922, Tom Cruikshank, Stewart’s nephew, moved up from Fox Valley Saskatchewan, and bought out Mr. Yarwood’s share of the land.  When the old Grand Hotel was demolished in Alix, Stewart bought the lumber and built a house on the farm.  The name “Grand Hotel” was visible on the boards for some years.

Stewart was a great entertainer and was very well read. He loved to play bridge….

Mrs. Cruikshank passed away in 1933, and Stewart in 1945.  They are buried in the Alix Cemetery.

This article is excerpted from Gleanings After Pioneers and Progress published by the Alix Clive Historical Society, 1981, Friesen Printers, Calgary.

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