Alix Board of Trade

In Alix, Alberta on September 9, 2016 at 8:46 AM


The first Alix Board of Trade was organized in 1910 or earlier.  The officers were S. Cruikshank, President; And G.W. Frederick, Secretary.

In their first booklet about Alix, the following people contributed letters: W.J. Carroll, J.N. Guss (Content P.O.), Charles Stothard, Philip Neis (Lamerton P.O. Box 58), Charles E. Stone, Nora C. Trench, S. Cruikshank, C.M. Yarwood, and E. Goater-E.M.H. Parlby.



The organizational meeting was held in the U.F.A. Hall on February 4, 1946.  The officers were: President, Norman Palleson; Vice-President, Stewart McGimpsey; Secretary Treasurer, Len Johnson.

Various activities and projects have been sponsored by the Board of Trade and Agriculture or assisted by this group.  Delegations were sent to the Department of Highways to promote the paving of the number 12 Highway.

A very active committee investigated the possibility of a Municipal Hospital for Alix which was later refused on the grounds of location and was placed in Bashaw, Alberta.

Assistance was given in all possible ways during the building of the Arena.

Promotion has been given to the establishment of the Local Fire Brigade, Christmas street lighting, 4H Clubs and the Alix Lake Development.


These articles are from the book Pioneers and Progress, a history of the Alix-Clive area printed in 1974by DW Friesen and Sons Ltd., Calgary.  Copies of it and of its follow-up Gleanings are available for sale at the Alix Public Library, Alix Wagon Wheel Museum, and Alix Home Hardware



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